A can of Forage Kombucha held in front of a pink backdrop.

From the wild, for the wild

A can of Forage Kombucha being poured out in front of a pale yellow backdrop.

Our kombucha-making magic

Comes in a can. Tastes like sparkles.

We scour our big, wild world for exhilarating flavors and nutritious ingredients to create kombucha that rethinks stale ideas about healthy eating.

A splashy image of Forage Kombucha in a glass.

Our kombucha-making magic

We’re always hunting and gathering pure ingredients to create unexpected flavors. It’s a team effort, and we’re really proud of what we’re doing.

You too can Forage

A tables cape with an open book, peaches, lemons, playing cards, and some cans of Forage Kombucha.

Forage Kombucha in the wild

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