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Both are fizzy, probiotic-rich drinks that share the same general fermentation process. But whereas kombucha is made from caffeinated tea leaves with a tangy, vinegary taste, tepache is a Mexican beverage with no caffeine and crafted from fruit—usually pineapple—putting it on the sweeter end of sour.

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We ship every Tuesday so that your order never sits in a warehouse over the weekend. Orders placed on or before Tuesday may take 1–3 days to arrive, with a longer estimate depending on your location. Each flavor is packed fresh and delivered in an insulated box.

Yes! The insulated box is intended to keep our brews cold enough throughout the entire duration of transit to not over carbonate and restart fermentation. Depending on the transit time, some drinks will arrive after the gel packs have completely thawed. The longest it will take from our brewery to your door is three days, so it is still safe to drink even if it is warm. Remember, these brews ferment at room temperature, so there is no food safety issue if it is warm for a handful of hours (unlike milk, for example). We would recommend putting your brews in the fridge and allowing them to settle and chill before enjoying your first can.

All our brews are made fresh in our Wisconsin lab. We use only natural, organic ingredients naturally low in sugar and acidity. Each can comes packed with a lot of probiotics.

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Forage is focused on creating a healthier planet through our daily actions. Our all-natural flavors come in easy-to-recycle cans.

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