Part art. Part science. Part nature doing her thing.

Earthy, sparkly, bright, tangy, cool + fizzy tingles from a can.

Hunt Gather Find Forage Kombucha

A simpler process for bigger flavor

We like to think we’re a gateway to kombucha, unlocking a door—or popping a can—into a mystical rainbow world of fizz and flavor. 

We started tinkering with wild flavors and fermentation in small batches in our Madison kitchen, and now we’re making our kombucha accessible to everyone. 

  • Step 01

    Hunt and gather exhilarating flavors from pure ingredients

  • Step 02

    Blend, brew, and taste until the perfect flavor profile emerges

  • Step 03

    Ferment for probiotic perfection in our Wisconsin lab

  • Step 04

    Can and send to the kombucha-curious everywhere

Energize. Inspire. Delight.

Our values

We always say a kombucha a day keeps the blues away. Our come-in-a-can, taste-like-sparkles flavors energize, inspire and delight with a little kick of caffeine and a big kick of healthy probiotics. 

Take it camping, to the beach, on your bike, or on the couch for fuzzy, fizzy, long afternoons.

Make your mouth water

Born in the heart of Madison, Forage Kitchen crafts local, health-conscious meals in our locations throughout the midwest. Stop in to see how we’re making healthy happy. 

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